Knotty Pine Instructions

Welcome, We're So Glad You're Here!

If the water is off:

If the water is off: Locate the locked door downstairs to the utilities room. There is a key above the door. Unlock and locate the main water line. Turn the handle so that it is in-line with the pipe. Please lock this door after leaving so that children cannot get in and replace the key. 
Here is a quick video guide

Get some WIFI (or not if you're disconnecting):

The WIFI is named 'Knotty Pine'. 
Password: chocolatelab

If the temperature isn't quite right:

Locate the Nest thermostats on the upper and lower levels.  Adjust to your comfort.  We do have limits set on these so they don't accidentally get moved to extreme temperatures.  


The grill and propane tank is out the front door.  If the propane runs out during your stay please get it refilled (lots of places in town).  Also, grill up some yummy food!  There's a lot of picnic table space to spread out!

What To Do While You're Here

Walk to the lake!

If you walk out the driveway and down the hill, you'll run right into the lake.  This is our favorite spot!

Hit the town!

Downtown Huntingdon isn't very far away.  A quick Google search will find you some cool spots!  (This is the Stone Tavern.  Delicious food and great service)!

Have some down time

Kick back and relax.  There's plenty of space for some quiet time, or to hang with your family & friends!


Hunt, fish, boat, hike, bike and more!  The Raystown Lake Region has so much to offer!  Check out the visitor's bureau for more!

Tag us on social!

We love when you share your experiences!  Check in and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!  


Delivery is available to the house.  

Check-out Instructions


Please take all your trash out to the red dumpster in the back.  It is to be bagged and thrown away prior to leaving.  It is not the cleaning crew's job to pick up your trash.  Please be considerate. To keep wildlife out also, please make sure the chains are engaged to keep the lids sealed. 

Lock up

Please lock all doors when you leave with the same code you were given for your stay.  We strive to keep these houses in great shape and we do not want anything to happen to them in-between stays.  We appreciate this.  


All dishes are to be washed, dried and put away where you found things.  Please do not leave dishes in the dishwasher.  

Come Back!

After you've experienced the Chalets of Raystown, we hope that you'll want to return!

You can navigate to this site any time to ask about a direct booking.  It's a better way to save money on booking sites!

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